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Okara Paste


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Okara Paste has the aroma and flavor of soy and is commonly used for savory or sweet dishes, such as delicious croquettes or biscuits to accompany tea or coffee.
Usage Suggestion - Okara Croquettes
Ingredients: 500g of okara, 125g of chopped spinach, 4 tablespoons (approx.) of oatmeal, 1/2 onion, salt, ground cumin, oregano, turmeric, garlic powder, sesame seeds and parsley.
To prepare the topping, mix together breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, parsley and garlic.
Meanwhile, for the filling, sauté the spinach and mushrooms with a bit of olive oil and mix them with the remaining ingredients indicated. If you notice that the filling mass is not consistent enough, you can add a little more oatmeal.
Afterwards, mold the croquettes and pass them through the frosting, sprinkling them with olive oil and taking them to the oven until they have a golden color.
Okara and water. Allergens: Contains soy. May contain traces of gluten and lupine.
Average nutritional statement per 100gr: Energy - 174KJ/42Kcal; Fat - 1,4g of which Saturated Fatty Acids - 0,5g; Carbohydrates - 2g of which Sugars - <0,5g; Fiber - 4,6g; Protein - 3g; Salt - 0,08g.