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Konjac Sport Pro Fit Noodles
Sold Out
Fit Origins Bio Sport Pro Noodles are made from organic Konjac flour. Low in calories and easy to prepare, these noodles are versatile and suitable...
Organic Parboiled Rice

Bio Greno

€4,68 €2,81
€2,81 €4,68
Biogreno long grain rice is gently steamed under pressure in the parboiling process, in which a large part of the natural ingredients contained in the...
Arroz Agulha BIO
€3,29 €2,63
€2,63 €3,29
It is the typical white rice, recommended for simple accompaniment, the needle rice is composed of loose and dry grains and very easy to cook....
Extra Milled Long Rice Carolino BIO
€3,39 €2,03
A rice of the Japanese variety, more voluminous and velvety! Carolino is the most genuinely Portuguese type of rice. This rice swells and creates more...
Carnaroli Rice for Risotto

Jamie Oliver

€6,01 €4,80
€4,80 €6,01
Risotto is a classic food and easy to make, however it needs a special rice: Carnaroli rice. Its beans are long and greasy, allowing it...
Carnaroli Extra Long Grain Rice Bio
€6,19 €3,71
Organic extra long grain Carnaroli rice has an oval shape and a milky white color. Its higher amylose content means that it does not lose...