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What if we told you that two minutes of exercise can help you live longer longer?

Dec 6, 2022

By LivGood Team

What if we told you that two minutes of exercise can help you live longer longer?

Doing daily physical exercise doesn't just require willpower, it also requires time and which is not always easy to find in everyday life. Managing stress, routines and finding time can be complicated for those who want to dedicate themselves to physical exercise.

Fortunately, there is good news on this subject. A new study published in the European Heart Journal, found that 15 minutes of intense exercise every week, or two minutes of the same intensity every day, decreases the risk of death by 18%.

Over nearly seven years, more than 70,000 adults, with an average age of 62.5, took part in the research, monitored by wrist monitors. After the experiment, the researchers continued to follow the participants, including those who had died in the meantime.

People who did not do any physical activity had a 4% risk of death during
that period of time. On the other hand, people who did as little as 10 minutes a week had that same risk halved to 2%. In short, 15 minutes of physical exercise
intent decreased the risk of death by 18%.

"The results show that accumulating vigorous activity in short periods throughout the week can help us live longer. Given that lack of time is the most
frequently reported barrier to regular physical activity, accumulating small amounts sporadically during the day may be a particularly attractive option for people busy people," study author Dr. Matthew N. Ahmadi, of the University of Sydney, Australia, in a statement.

According to the Portuguese Medical Association, "In adults, physical activity reduces mortality from all causes and from cardiovascular disease, reduces the incidence of hypertension, some cancers, and type 2 diabetes; improves mental health (reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression), cognitive functioning and sleep. Body fat can also improve."

Of course, allied to exercise has to be a nutrient-rich diet, with low sugar and salt content. Ready to get started?