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Ideas for a waste-free valentines

Jan 27, 2023

By LivGood Team

Ideas for a waste-free valentines

Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide by many couples. To mark the date, many of them choose to offer gifts to their better half, which can often result in gifts that are not very environmentally friendly. Chocolates wrapped in plastic, flowers imported from far away countries, soft toys made from non-recyclable materials are some of the gifts that may have consequences for the planet.

Whether you've been planning the day since January or you offer flowers and chocolate at the last minute, we have some ideas that we want to share with you so that you can have a more sustainable Valentine's!

Get to know some of our suggestions:

- Handmade postcards - Reuse cardboard from cereal boxes or some paper you have at home and let your creativity flow. The most personal gifts can also be the most special!

- Experiences for two (massage, travel, workshop, and many others) - Offer a non-material gift to your other half. Even if it is not a physical gift, it will help build great memories to remember in the future

- Fairtrade chocolates - From chocolates with >85% organic cocoa to fair trade chocolates, whatever you choose at LivGood, it's guaranteed to be tasty and more planet friendly. And it's still a gift with 0 waste, not a single piece left over!
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- Flowers - Offer seasonal flowers and from local growers. Their fragrance will be even more natural and you'll be helping local businesses. Ask for them to be wrapped in decorative paper and cut down on the use of plastic!

- Choose organic - whether it's candles, clothing, or another gift you have in mind, opt for organic and sustainable materials and/or ingredients.

- Leave the dinner up to you - treat your loved one to a delicious home-cooked meal! Organic ingredients will have no trace of pesticides and will be extra tasty. For dessert, try out some of our recipes: