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Habits to prevent colds and boost the immune system

Dec 19, 2022

By LivGood Team

Habits to prevent colds and boost the immune system

While the world is still recovering from a pandemic (or still dealing with it), we should always take some precautions during winter to prevent future colds and flus and, at the same time giving the immune system a boost.

Our daily life is full of factors that put our health at risk: be it sudden changes in
sudden changes in temperature - thanks to the climate change increasingly evident throughout the nutrient-poor diet caused by a lack of time or availability for shopping and cooking , or the little care we take to rest and relax on a daily basis, which also does not contribute to a healthy life.

Winter is the season of the year in which the immune system is more fragile and, therefore, it becomes essential to reinforce it with the right habits.

Ready to start adopting them?

Respect your circadian cycle

The circadian cycle is the function that manages your body's natural rhythm, which includes activities and processes that take place during the day and night.

Studies already prove that a healthy circadian cycle is an important support for
the immune system. How? It is important not to go to bed too late, especially if
you wake up too early. Experts also advise getting up in the morning and going out for 10 to 20 minutes, because exposing the eyes to daylight increases dopamine - an element necessary for the immune system.


It sounds like an illusory activity for the immune system but, and as we mentioned at the beginning of the text, stress management is crucial if the immune system is to be strong. Meditation is a simple and a way to manage everyday stress and anxiety, but also to reduce chronic inflammation.

If you have difficulty meditating, there are lots of guided meditation apps with step-by-step, breathing exercises and other information about this activity to help you in your daily meditation-.

It all starts with breakfast

Every meal is important, yes, but start the day with a meal that's generous in
nutrients. Give your stomach everything it needs after several hours without any
food, and this includes options such as smoothies (why not one with vegetables?), oatmeal, granola, yoghurts packed with probiotics, fruit and some superfoods.

Include supplements in your daily routine

It's one of the most effective ways to keep your immune system strong and prevent possible colds and flus. Supplements rich in vitamins and minerals (vitamin A, B2, C, D, E or zinc) give the organism a boost and protect it against various aggressions. Of course , food always plays an important role in the action of these capsules, choose vegetables and fruit for your daily meals.

Choose healthy fats

Excluding processed foods is one of the crucial steps in this goal, but there are healthy fats that you can, and should, include in your daily diet. We are talking about olive oil, salmon or chia seeds, which not only have an anti-inflammatory action but also help the body to protect itself against possible bacteria.

Physical exercise, yes. Even if it is moderate

It is undeniable the weight that physical exercise has on general health. And when it comes to the immune system, moderate exercise is enough for the organism to be protected. In fact, there are studies have shown that moderate physical activity can even increase the effectiveness of vaccines in weaker people. Exercise helps to reduce inflammation and helps cells to regenerate regularly.

Bet on fermented foods
We are talking about yoghurt, kefir, kombucha or tempeh, for example. These foods are full of probiotics, i.e. good bacteria that populate the digestive system. As a result, also help cells to fight harmful bacteria and prevent inflammation.