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Go green with your cleaning routine

Jan 27, 2023

By LivGood Team

Go green with your cleaning routine

Cleaning the house is a chore that involves many chemicals that can harm our health and that of the planet. However, it is also a chore where you can make small changes to make it more environmentally friendly, while also being more sustainable for your wallet!

Here are some of the changes you can implement:


  • Opt for reusable cloths - Give preference to cloths over single-use paper towels. Microfibre cloths work especially well for polishing and dusting surfaces. Simply use, wash and re-use!
          Tip: Don't throw old clothes in the bin, depending on the fabric, you can cut them out and use them as cleaning cloths.
  • Swap plastic packaging for glass - You can reduce your environmental footprint at home by choosing to buy cleaning products with glass packaging. As well as cutting down on plastic consumption, you can buy refills of the product and extend the life and use of the packaging.

  • Reuse old toothbrushes - Next time you're throwing an old toothbrush in the bin, try keeping it and using it to clean drains, joints or other surfaces around the house. They're great for cleaning hard-to-reach places, like faucets or even the edges of the bathtub.

  • Make your own cleaners - There are plenty of alternatives to the harsh chemical solutions on the market. With just a few ingredients (which I'm sure you have in your pantry), you can create a much more eco-friendly cleaner! Here's how to make a homemade one with just 3 ingredients. A solution of vinegar and distilled water is also a great option to help remove limescale from taps and showers.