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8 snacks to eat at night when hunger strikes

Nov 2, 2022

By LivGood Team

8 snacks to eat at night when hunger strikes

If the time between dinner and going to bed is still long, then it's normal for a slight urge to snack to arise - which we can't really call hunger. Use salty snacks and sweet biscuits are usually the ones of choice at this time of day, but they may not be the best options before bedtime.

Firstly, the sugars present can cause you to wake up and bypass the tiredness of the day, then, processed products can be harder to digest. It can be difficult to which foods or snacks to go for.

We'll give you a hand.

Snacks to eat in the evening:

- Banana with peanut butter. Cut the bananas into pieces and put peanut butter on top. peanut butter on top. This is a snack that hardly exceeds 160 calories, but beware, because it is important to choose a peanut butter that is low in sugar. Normally, these butters are packed with good fats and magnesium.

- Goji berries. You can eat them on their own or add them to a natural yoghurt, for example. Goji goji berries are a strong antioxidant, a source of fibre, have vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and even have a portion of malatonin that helps regulate the circadian cycle and helps you sleep better. Besides helping to strengthen the immune system, it also helps lower cholesterol.

- Pistachios. Like Goji berries, pistachios are composed of melatonin, which helps you get a more restful a more restful night. They are also good sources of protein, fibre, potassium, iron, copper or magnesium and help lower systolic blood pressure and heart rate during stressful periods.

- Crackers and rice crackers. Skip the biscuits and crackers with too much sugar and salt sugar and salt, and go for low-fat options. If you feel you are still not satiated, add a slice of low-fat cheese or a low-sugar sweet.

- Hummus and cucumber or carrot sticks. Packed with protein, grains are a great food to be part of this evening snack. Grind them and add tahini, the main element for a good hummus. Then, just cut some carrot strips and you're done! A nutritious and satiating option.

- Nuts. If you don't feel like getting up from the sofa, a bowl of dried fruit is a practical is a practical and nutritious option for you. They are rich in good fats, regulate blood sugar levels in the blood, are satiating, fight inflammation and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular cardiovascular diseases.

- Apple and cinnamon. Cut an apple into pieces and sprinkle with cinnamon - easy and quick. Apple is already a very satiating fruit, but adding a little cinnamon gives it some extra flavour.

- Cereals with milk. We mean cereals that are low in sugar, of course, and whole grain - as a rule are rich in carbohydrates. Together with milk (and why not try a alternative), this is a snack packed full of benefits.