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6 simple steps to detox your body

Aug 31, 2022

By LivGood Team

6 simple steps to detox your body

September may well be one of the most suitable months of the year to do a detox - and when we talk about detoxing, we're talking about repopulating the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs, keeping harmful and inflammatory foods off the list.

If summer was the season of excesses, the beginning of September, and consequently autumn will be favourable times to detoxify the body and give it what it needs to regenerate itself. Here, we are talking about different systems: digestive (which includes the important intestinal system), urinary, lymphatic, immune or cardiovascular.

The options for diets and detox are already quite varied - from juicing, to different types of fasts or even the ingestion of diuretics - but there are some habits that you can adopt on a daily basis which do not include going without solids or not eating for long periods of time.

A detox means eliminating toxins from the body and increasing overall health, and fortunately this is a task that the body can do itself. However, we can give our body a helping hand in this important function by providing and cutting out specific foods.

Can you do this on a daily basis? Yes. Pay attention to these steps.

- Reduce your salt and sugar intake - and this includes, of course, processed foods. You cannot detoxify your body if you keep giving it ingredients and foods that damage organs such as the liver or kidneys. Here, the choice is obvious but effective: increase consumption of fruit and vegetables. These sections on our website can help you: 

- Bet on antioxidant foods. These will protect the cells against free radicals,

responsible for oxidative stress, often provoked by factors such as UV rays,
tobacco, a diet poor in nutrients or pollution. The consequences? It accelerates the body's ageing process, creating visible signs such as wrinkles or spots. Next time you go shopping, select foods such as red fruits, strawberries, oranges, plums, broccoli or tomatoes. The below items are nice options with a lot of anti-oxidantes:

- Give your intestinal health a boost. We can't talk about detox without taking into account the intestinal system, since it is responsible for expelling toxins from our organism. It must continue its function, without extra help (such as laxatives), and in a natural way. Invest in products with probiotics, living organisms that have a very beneficial impact on the intestinal flora, which can be found in yoghurts (even vegan yoghurt substitutes you can find these probiotics), cheeses, kefir or kombucha,for example.

- Hydrate yourself (with water and not only). The benefits of water are infinite, but when it comes to detox's, water has the function of helping digestion, facilitating the absorption of nutrients and detoxify by expelling toxins. Besides drinking water regularly, you can also bet on fruits like melon, cantaloupe or watermelon (because they contain large amounts of water) or bet on flavoured waters or juices, but with few additives and no sugars.

- Take a break from alcohol. No one denies that a glass of wine at the end of the day can taste good - if you drink in moderation, you'll be fine. But consuming alcohol every day and sometimes in large quantities, will not be detox-friendly. Eliminating alcohol from everyday life means helping the liver function more effectively and reducing inflammation.

- Boost your intake of natural and plant extracts that help liver and kidney function (our body's two main 'cleansing' systems) such as milk thistle or horsetail.