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Pasta with tomato sauce and mediterranean vegetables

Aug 31, 2022

By LivGood Team

Pasta with tomato sauce and mediterranean vegetables

Serving size: 2

- 1 tablespoon of olive oil
- 2 cloves garlic
- 250 g of marron mushrooms
- 60 g ofspinach
- 4 tablespoons of tomato and mediterranean vegetable sauce
- 180 g of fusilli pasta
- 15 g of grated parmesan cheese
- Pepper to taste
- Fresh basil to taste

1. In a frying pan place the olive oil, the garlic cloves and the brown mushrooms, season with pepper and cook;
2. Add the spinach and cook for a few minutes more;
3. Pour in the sauce and let the ingredients gain flavor.
4. Add the pasta previously cooked according to the package directions, and mix everything well;
5. Turn off the heat.
6. Add the basil and the grated parmesan and stir again;
7. Serve on your favorite dish and enjoy this delicious meal.

Recipe by: Easy Food Concept