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Banana and Cocoa Pancakes

Sep 29, 2022

By LivGood Team

Banana and Cocoa Pancakes

- 1 Small Ripe Banana
- 1 Egg
- 4 tablespoons of oat flour
- 2 tablespoons of Banana and Cocoa Instant Super Breakfast
Plant-based drink (optional)

  1.  Start by smashing the banana;
  2.  Add the egg and mix it with the banana;
  3.  Add the oat flour and the Banana and Cocoa mixture;
  4. Mix everything together very well and, if necessary, add a little of the vegetable drink to the pancake batter to adjust the consistency;
  5.  In a non-stick frying pan, pour the batter with the help of a spoon, forming small pancakes;
  6.  Cook the pancakes on both sides and place them stacked on a plate;
  7.  Finish with toasted hazelnut butter or another topping to taste.

Recipe by: Easy Food Concept